Oakville power plant explodes on McGuinty

by Kelly McParland, National Post

Following the bouncing ball of Premier Dad’s political thought processes is getting harder — and more entertaining — all the time.

For quite some time, Ontario’s paternalistic  premier has insisted that building a gas-fired power plant in the leafy enclave of Oakville was an absolute necessity, and that there was no chance he’d reconsider his decision to push ahead with it. Continue reading

Ontario to pull plug on Oakville power plant

Natural Gas plant in Conn., after an explosion that killed at least five people

By Karen Howlett, Globe and Mail 
Location for plant criticized for being too close to neighbouring homes and schools

The McGuinty government is pulling the plug on a controversial power plant planned for Oakville, following stiff opposition from local residents who complained it would be too close to neighbouring homes and a school, sources say. Continue reading