200 Pack Thunder Bay Meeting


A group against a proposed Neebing wind farm is gaining momentum, and is now asking citizens to sign a petition to help fight the Horizon Energy Inc. plan.

More than 200 people packed the large meeting room at the Nor’Wester Resort Hotel Tuesday evening. The crowd was led to the meeting by the newly formed group called the Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee.

“Our main goal was to try to learn what was happening and to get people to know what the ramifications of what is being proposed are,” said Irene Bond, member of the Escarpment Protection Committee. “We found very few people knew.” Continue reading

McGuinty stalls plan after cabinet uproar

Toronto Star160x_smitherman1_051212

The Ontario government’s multi-billion-dollar wind turbine deal with South Korean industrial giant Samsung Group is in jeopardy after a power play in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet, the Toronto Star has learned.

Sources say rival ministers opposed to Deputy Premier George Smitherman’s pet scheme, which they fear will mean “billions” of dollars in subsidies to Samsung, have convinced McGuinty to stall the landmark deal first reported in the Star on Sept. 27. Continue reading

Guinea Pigs – by “Law”

On October 29, 2009, the following MPPs voted to not protect your health because the Ontario Liberal Party has now stripped your rights to complain.   

Aggelonitis, Sophia
Colle, Mike
McNeely, Phil
Sergio, Mario
Albanese, Laura
Dhillon, Vic
Moridi, Reza
Smith, Monique
Arthurs, Wayne
Dickson, Joe
Pendergast, Leeanna
Sousa, Charles
Balkissoon, Bas
Hoskins, Eric
Phillips, Gerry
Van Bommel, Maria
Berardinetti, Lorenzo
Jaczek, Helena
Rinaldi, Lou
Wilkinson, John
Bisson, Gilles
Kwinter, Monte
Ruprecht, Tony
Zimmer, David
Brown, Michael A.
Mangat, Amrit
Sandals, Liz

Vote highlights turbine critics’ health concerns

Read Hansard Transcript Here


MPP Phil McNeely, Hell-bent on Vandalizing Rural Ontario

Posted By Bill Henry Sun Times

Local wind farm opponents vowed yesterday to keep pushing for independent studies into the effects wind turbines have on people.

Ontario legislators rejected Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch’s call to halt industrial wind farm development until the province’s top doctor can assure the government turbines don’t harm people living nearby.

Continue reading

Health fears blown off

Note:   During Tabun’s speech, several members of the gallery left in tears as they could not bear the revictimization from yet another mindless politician.


Peter Tabuns: You rural people are collatoral damage - Deal with it!

By Antonella Artuso, Sun Media Queen’s Park Bureau London Free Press

TORONTO — Tory MPP Bill Murdoch’s resolution calling for a moratorium on new wind turbines in Ontario pending confirmation that there are no adverse health effects on humans stalled in the legislature.

Murdoch said his resolution was drafted in response to concerns about wind power raised by hundreds of people in his riding and across the province.

“I’m disappointed and where the people go from here I don’t know,” Murdoch said yesterday. “The government of the day has decided that they don’t count by turning down my resolution.”

The Ontario government shouldn’t proceed with its ambitious wind energy plan until it gets the official green light from the chief medical officer of health, Murdoch said, adding people have a right to know if the wind turbines near their homes will make them sick. Continue reading

Ontario set to Swing Right


You shut your mouth, NIMBY! Don't ruin this for me.

Posted By MICHAEL DEN TANDT  Calgary Sun

The eHealth boondoggle, on its own, is more than enough to split 416 in two years. Every citizen in every emergency waiting room with a sick child today knows that a billion health-care dollars were wasted on computer consultants over the past seven years. That’s all it will take.

If that weren’t enough, there’s wind power. It’s not an issue in the cities. But in rural Ontario, opposition to industrial wind power has reached a slow boil that will not go away. It will only build. McGuinty-Smitherman’s strange insistence on driving these projects forward despite widespread, credible reports that living near a big wind turbine is bad for your health, will crush the Liberals absolutely in the country. Even if they eventually relent and call for more study, which they likely will, the damage will have been done.

Dalton McGuinty’s green machine is crushing public rights

By LORRIE GOLDSTEIN, Associate Editor,  Toronto Sun

ripleyIt’s never pretty watching people’s rights getting trampled by a government caught up in the latest fad, but it’s happening across Ontario.

The victims are citizens living mainly in rural communities.

Their concerns about the possible adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines are being rolled over by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

We should all pay attention because our rights could be next. Continue reading

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunter Concerned about Offshore Turbines

walleyeOntario Out of Doors, Fall 2009 Issue

Fish and wildlife agencies want some questions answered before in-lake wind turbines become regular fixtures on Lake Erie.

 The Great Lakes Fisheries Commission’s Lake Erie Committee released a position paper earlier this year raising concerns about the electricity-generating units, which, though given the go-ahead in recent legislation, haven’t been built yet. Continue reading

Dirty Little Secret – Amy Tang’s “Omission”

Owen Sound Sun Times
The front-page story headlined “Turbines part of green plan” (Sun Times, Oct.10/09), is a perfect example of how our provincial government is misleading the public with regard to the issue of wind turbines.

Amy Tang, identified as the spokesperson for Energy Minister George Smitherman, is quoted as saying “We have to remember why we entered into renewable energy in the first place, which was our commitment to get off coal.”

Unfortunately she neglected to explain just how wind turbines get us off coal. I suspect her omission was deliberate, because in reality there is no practical way that wind turbines can replace coal fired thermal units. Continue reading

In Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario, all I expect is a bigger hydro bill

smart_meter_3By CONNIE WOODCOCK  Toronto Sun

There’s a farmer in Northumberland County, east of Oshawa, who wants to build a house for his daughter on his farm, but he can’t because he’s on the heavily protected Oak Ridges Moraine.

But it’s OK to lease his land to a company that will put up multiple wind turbines and turn his property into a wind farm. And they’ll pay him five figures a year to do it. Continue reading

Canada’s worst government

Terence Corcoran, Financial Postsmitherman
Every now and then a province falls into the hands of blundering politicians so inept that their government ends up deserving of the title “Canada’s Worst Government.”   It’s a rare award. At any time somebody has to be the worst, but no award for routine bottom-of-the-barrel performance seems necessary.  Occasionally, however, the metric of incompetence is so large and conspicuous it demands special recognition.  The Liberal regime of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, now slipping into deep deficits that are likely to exceed $30-billion over two years and continue into the future, has hit the tipping point and triggered its candidacy as Canada’s Worst Government. Continue reading

Call for Public Inquiry on Liberal eHealth Scandal

Crime-Scene-TapeQUEENS PARK – Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP John Yakabuski today called for a public inquiry to resolve the many unanswered questions that remain about the serious, and potentially criminal, abuses of the taxpayer money that occurred with the McGuinty Liberal eHealth Scandal.

Yakabuski noted that the Auditor General lacked the mandate or the resources necessary to answer many of the most important unanswered questions about a scandal that saw hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars funneled to Liberal friendly consultants through untendered contracts and sweetheart deals. Continue reading

Green Energy Act damages democracy

Meaford Express 

Anytime a government rams through legislation containing sweeping new rules governing large industrial projects and limits debate on the matter and ignores legitimate concerns from the public –  our democracy is threatened.

Yet, people across Ontario have witnessed the current provincial government implement draconian new laws that take away public rights and grant massive taxpayer funded subsidies to big industry interested in producing new forms of energy.

The government’s excuse for why all of this is necessary: the new energy being produced is considered “green.” Continue reading

Smitherman Still in Denial, Calls for Health Study Grow

Huron Kinloss Mayor, Mitch Twolan

Huron Kinloss Mayor, Mitch Twolan

Two recent health unit meetings, in Owen Sound and Walkerton, were dominated by people protesting industrial wind turbine development and listing health and other concerns.

Dr. Hazel Lynn, the Grey Bruce regional medical officer of health, supported Murdoch’s call this week, saying there are enough questions now about turbine health hazards to warrant an investigation. Continue reading

Owen Sound Sun Times: Good for Murdoch for raising his hand

Bill Murdoch, MPP

Bill Murdoch, MPP

Bill Murdoch has raised his hand at Queen’s Park. His message: “Hang on folks, let’s rethink this wind power business.”

Murdoch wants a moratorium on further big wind power development projects until provincial health and environmental authorities can attest to their safety, for people and for livestock.

This comes late in the game. The Green Energy Act is law. Regulations on wind turbine setbacks have been set. Wind energy companies are buying up rights in Grey- Bruce.

For this wave of big-money development to grind to a halt now will require a significant expression of political will.

Yet that is precisely what is required. Continue reading

5 Hour Meeting, Standing Room Only Crowd in Picton

wind-meeting-300x107Wellington Times:    MPP Leona Dombrowsky already knew opposition was growing to industrial wind turbines in Prince Edward County. But as she gazed upon the packed, standing-room-only community centre in Picton last week, the scene likely reinforced how difficult wind energy will be to sell in this community— particularly to those who earn their livelihood from the natural beauty of the rural, island landscape. Continue reading

Murdoch to seek moratorium on wind turbine projects


Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

That in the Opinion of this House, the Province of Ontario must impose a moratorium on all new wind turbine projects in Ontario until such time as the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Environment have stated that wind turbines do not have any adverse health effects on people who live near them.

THE OWEN SOUND SUN TIMES     Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch announced yesterday he will call for a provincewide moratorium on wind turbine projects later this month.

Murdoch said in a news release yesterday he will introduce a resolution, which he expects to be debated on Oct. 29, that calls on the province and its chief medical doctor to state whether or not wind turbines cause health problems for people who live near them. Continue reading

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Calls for Measures

71 municipalities indicated support

Picton, ON – The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) National Board of Directors has adopted the County of Prince Edward resolution of December 2008, regarding the public health implications of industrial wind turbines.  FCM has advised the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health and the Honourable John Baird, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities of its adoption of the resolution, and requested the federal government to undertake measures to assess the latest research and provide results on the health impact of low frequency noise and electrical and electromagnetic disturbances of industrial wind turbines. Continue reading

We cannot accept this for rural Ontario


Home in Shelbourne Vacated Due to Turbine Noise/Vibrations

Many welcomed “green energy” into their community although some felt unease at a 400 foot tower with its massive base being placed so close to their home. They were reassured by the wind company that the turbines were as quiet as a whisper in a library and would be no trouble.

First comes the construction period with loads and loads of concrete, steel, transportation of massive turbine parts, new transmission lines, access roads and transformer stations.

Then the turbines start up. Continue reading

Rural residents paying price for green energy act

The Ottawa Citizen   October 3, 2009

I wish to express my grave concerns with the passing of Ontario’s Green Energy Act. No matter where anyone buys a home, if it is near agricultural land, there is no guarantee that this land will not be used to erect industrial wind turbines more than 400 feet high, a mere 550 metres from the centre of your home, and residents are now powerless to prevent such an unwanted intrusion.

The green energy guidelines and regulations are still so incomplete that no government agency is even able to base them on peer-reviewed scientific or medical evidence to back up their unproven claim that there are no negative health impacts from these setback distances due to inaudible ultra-low-frequency sound or stray voltage. Continue reading

Wolfe Island wind turbine project should serve as a warning

Kingston Whig Standard

schumer2-afterWith all the letters and editorials this summer in the Watertown Daily Times regarding the Wolfe Island wind project, (at least two or three a week), it’s surprising that there has been so little about this subject in the Whig-Standard. Do the people of Kingston and area enjoy the new scenery with the flashing red lights, or do they care? Maybe those who care have just given up on the process. “They’re going to put them up anyway” has become the attitude.

One of the most beautiful areas of the North American continent has become the target for wind turbine projects put up by giant international corporations that, if they have their way, plan to fill the entire Great Lakes basin with these industrial parks. Continue reading

No Integrity. No Accountability. No Credibility.

Read More about McGuinty’s Liberal Government Antics Here

‘Green’ jobs and red ink


In Spain, it has been found "Green Jobs" are mostly temporary and have received $752,000 to $800,000 each in subsidies — wind industry jobs cost even more, $1.4 million each.

Sun Media

With news Ontario is negotiating with South Korea’s Samsung Group for wind turbines and solar panels in a deal Energy Minister George Smitherman says could bring billions of dollars of investment and hundreds of green jobs to the province, we have some questions.

They also apply to the 50,000 “new” green jobs Smitherman and Premier Dalton McGuinty claim Ontario’s Green Energy Act will create over the next three years. Continue reading

Windmills: Bigger Waste than eHealth

Tonight's Wind Efficency: 2%   WooHoo

Tonight's Wind Efficency: 2%

Posted: September 30, 2009, National Post

Wind reduces CO2 emissions at a subsidy cost of about $124 per tonne — one of the most expensive plans in the world

By Michael Trebilcock

Ontarians take note. A detailed new Danish study shatters most of the myths that the Danish-based wind turbine industry has been propagating in Canada and around the world as to the virtues of wind power. The study, Wind Energy: The Case of Denmark by the Centre for Policy Studies in Copenhagen, strongly reinforces reservations that I have noted in previous op-eds in this newspaper. Continue reading

Everyone is Protected and Subsidized Except the Consumer


Ontario Ratepayers Pay for McGuinty's Scheme

Ontario’s iron-fisted energy model   
Posted: September 30, 2009,  NP Editor  By Terence Corcoran

At the G20 Pittsburgh summit, Canada endorsed a commitment to end subsidies to fossil fuel industries and step up subsidies to renewable energy sources. “We commit to…stimulate investment in clean energy, renewables, and energy efficiency,” said the leaders. If anybody wonders what stimulating clean and green energy programs might mean to economic policy, a working model comes into effect today in Ontario. Continue reading

Full Disclosure Needed on McGuinty Wind Contracts

By Antonella Artuso, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief   Toronto Sun
a_DSC_5556_j_yakabuskiOntarians need to know exactly how provincial government contracts for wind-generated electricity will impact their hydro bills, Tory energy critic John Yakabuski says.

“I think we need full disclosure on these contracts when they’re signed with wind developers,” he said yesterday.

“My concern is that these people are not in this because they have a burning desire to save the earth or be kind to the environment. They have a burning desire to make money.” Continue reading

Samsung Deal with McGuinty May Sting Ontario Ratepayers

A special deal between the international electronics giant Samsung and the Ontario Premier’s Office may have been signed last week. The deal appears to contain elements that fundamentally undermine the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and its Feed-In Tariff (FIT) process. Elements of the deal also appear to increase the degree of protectionism creeping into Ontario electricity policy.

Read the rest of the article at TomAdamsEnergy.com

Quebec government cares more about residents than McGuinty government

Quebec Minister of Municipal Affairs, Nathalie Normandeau

Quebec Deputy Premier, Nathalie Normandeau

“Yes to wind development, but not … at any price”   Q & A with Nathalie Normandeau, Deputy Premier and Minister of Natural Resources And Wildlife
Marian Scott   The Montreal Gazette   

I can tell you, for our government, there is no question of imposing a project on a community that doesn’t want it.   For us, the principle of social acceptability is a sacred principle.  There is no question of ramming projects down people’s throats if they do not have wide acceptance in the community. Continue reading

Carol Mitchell, MPP Refuses to Help Sick Families


UPDATE September 11, 2009:   Carol Mitchell has been named Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.  Mitchell will work in a stewardship role to provide overall direction and leadership for health care within the province.

My family doctor said, ‘Get out of that house or you’re going to die,'” said Wylds, adding that he now lives in Kincardine with his wife.

“I hope everyone in this room calls (Huron-Bruce MPP) Carol Mitchell who has been zero help to us,” said Glen Wylds.

Continue reading

George Smitherman Deathly Afraid of More Protests Today

Deathly Afraid of Wind Protest

Afraid of Wind Protests

Back in April of this year at the Grand Opening of the Enbridge Wind Farm in Kincardine, George Smitherman was met with a large group of very angry protestors.

Seems this time, he’s not taking any chances.   A little birdie told us that today at 11 am (Thurs Sept 10), he will be doing a carefully staged photo-op and press conference for the grand opening of the environmental fiasco called the Wolfe Island Wind Project.

Attendance is by invitation only and only if he responds.  Attendance is accessible only to the private club of proponent, company and government.  Even the press require special clearance.  The residents of Wolfe Island who must live under the shadow of these turbines are NOT invited.

Mr. Smitherman, how can you justify your policies when you must so carefully manipulate a simple Grand Opening?  

Hush, hush now.   We wouldn’t want any of the “public” to show up!