Taxpayers’ Dollars Funding Dalton McGuinty’s Advertising Campaign

While Ontario families are struggling to make ends meet because of Dalton McGuinty’s tax grabs and skyrocketing hydro bills, today Ontario families learned they are also footing the bill for Dalton McGuinty to funnel millions to an organization – the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association – that is running ads in support of the Liberal’s re-election campaign. Continue reading

Ontarians are footing the bill for Liberal election ads

Kris Stevens, OSEA with George Smitherman

by Steve Ladurantaye, Globe and Mail
The Progressive Conservative party is lashing out at what it believes are taxpayer-funded ads that support the Liberals, taken out by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.  The association, which has received millions of dollars in provincial funding, spent $200,000 on television ads touting the province’s funding for the green energy sector.  Read article

OSEA spending $200,000 on Pro-Liberal Election Ads – contravention of election finances law?

Brad Duguid with Kris Stevens

“It is unclear how OSEA will afford such a lavish ad blitz. The not-for-profit organization’s financial statements show it lost $130,000 in 2010 and was forced to borrow nearly $48,500 on a secured line of credit.  It is spending $200,000 on the current campaign.”

By Lee Greenberg, Postmedia News
TORONTO — A taxpayer-funded environmental group is starting a television advertising campaign on Friday that supports the province’s green-energy policy without registering as a third party, an apparent violation of the province’s election finances laws.  The only party opposed to the policy is the Progressive Conservative party. Continue reading