Residents expect more police in Fisherville area

By Jennifer Vo, The Sachem
Mayor Ken Hewitt is gearing up for the intense construction of NextEra’s Grand Renewable Energy Park in the Fisherville and Cheapside areas. At the November 28 Police Service Board meeting, Hewitt asked detachment commander Inspector Phil Carter if more officers could monitor the area for the next few months to ensure that the trucks driving through  are abiding by the traffic laws.

He said he’s anticipating that residents in the area will be angry to see the turbines, and will find blame in any way that they can including blaming the truck drivers for speeding down the roads.

“We want to ensure that the OPP are aware of the extra traffic down that way and to ensure that those trucks are abiding by the rules and laws,” Hewitt later said. Carter noted the request and said the Cayuga OPP currently has a monitoring system in place, which can record issues in each community. The officers attending those communities would essentially know the issues and would be ready.

With NextEra’s construction underway, it’s evident that residents in the area are frustrated with the holes dug up around their homes. Read article

Windmill security overkill: Residents

By Valerie MacDonald, Northumberland Today

ROSENEATH — The security was high at an open house at the Alnwick Civic Centre held for a proposed local wind farm Friday night.

Not only was there a police cruiser sitting outside -but there were at least three OPP officers on duty but out of uniform, about a half dozen uniformed security guards and another security man in plain clothes, as well as video surveillance. A sign warned about the latter and suggested people leave if they didn’t want to be videotaped. Continue reading

“Public Consultation” under Ontario’s Green Energy Act

PART 1 PARTS 2, 3, 4 –> Continue reading

McGuinty’s Thought Police at it again

OPP visit locals about Bruce Power shipment

Posted By Paul Jankowski   Owen Sound Sun Times

Ontario Provincial Police officers are making the rounds in Grey Bruce, speaking to opponents of Bruce Power’s plans to ship 16 decommissioned steam generators from Owen Sound Harbour through the Great Lakes to Sweden.

Two officers — Calum Rankin and Ian George — from the force’s western regional headquarters called Sharen Skelly, a spokeswoman for the group Citizens Against Radioactive Generators in Owen Sound (CARGOS), on Tuesday afternoon and met with her that evening, Skelly said Friday. Continue reading

Windsor Star Editorial: OPP’s visit

Windsor Star

There’s nothing to suggest that Colette McLean is a troublemaker or a threat to public safety. Yet that’s the impression left in the wake of her treatment by the OPP.

For the record, McLean, her husband Walter and 17-year-old son live in the Harrow area and farm about 140 acres of land. She also happens to be a critic of the 24 giant wind turbines near her home. That opinion is shared by many people in the county who have expressed their views peacefully over the past few months. Continue reading

No justifiable reason for OPP calls/visits

Monica's Famous Scones

Friday I got a phone call from the OPP.  The man said my name had come up in relation to a protest of the Harrow Wind project and that he would like to come out and visit me.  I told him I had no idea who he was and that I felt harrassed.  He asked why and I hung up.  So, you are probably thinking she must be some huge threat with a criminal background … well think again!!!  Here is a bit about me: Continue reading

Advice to people getting phone calls and visits from the Ontario Provincial Police

Advice to people getting phone calls and visits from the Ontario Provincial Police: Sit down and write down, as soon as possible, a statement of what occurred. This should be done, independently, without any discussion amongst themselves (so that the record stays as uncontaminated as possible). They should then date that document and, no more than a few days afterward, they should e-mail it to themselves and perhaps a few others (so as to establish the time period in which it was created.)

Such a statement if prepared could end end up being very useful to a) journalists b) lawyers at some point in the future. In court, those people would be expected to testify to the fact that they’d written the document on their own, without discussing its content with others and without modifying anything afterward.