Slow going for Gunn’s Hill Road wind project

By Tara Bowie, Woodstock Sentinel-Review
WOODSTOCK— The winds of progress are blowing slowly for Oxford County’s first wind farm project. Prowind Canada Inc. received a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) contract in July for its 10-turbine Gunn’s Hill Road project, but it will be months – if not years – before the blades begin to turn. Read article

Oxford opponents slam report

By HEATHER RIVERS, Oxford Sentinel-Review

OXFORD CENTRE — It is home to birds and bats and, during their annual migration, hundreds of Monarch butterflies descend on his rural property.

Owner John Eacott says he has lived happily on his 2.4-hectare (six acre) Curries Road spread since 1973.

But what Eacott is not happy about is a proposed wind turbine project that, when completed, will be located about one kilometre from his home. Continue reading

Oxford County Wind Projects Delayed

By Hugo Rodrigues, Woodstock Sentinal Review

Proposed wind-farm projects north and south of the city are being delayed, as the proponent didn’t receive a contract from the Ontario Power Authority.

ProWind Canada Inc.’s Gunn’s Hill Road project in Norwich and its Innerkip-area project weren’t approved as part of the first round of Feed-in Tariff (FIT) contracts issued by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) on April 8. The eastern Ontario company was awaiting these approvals to proceed with its mandated public meetings and move towards finalizing its applications for renewable energy projects under provincial legislation.  Read entire article here