Citizens call for CAW turbine shutdown

By Tiffany Wilson – Shoreline Beacon 1297459376670_ORIGINAL

Many residents who say their worlds have been turned upside down since the wind turbine at the CAW Family Education Centre turned on, had their stories heard at Saugeen Shores town council Monday night.

And it appears as if councillors are ready to do everything they can to make the lives of these citizens return to normal.

Approximately 20 weeks ago, members of Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy (STOP) started documenting complaints from residents who have seen a dramatic shift in their physical and mental well-being since the Canadian Auto Workers’ (CAW) wind turbine in Port Elgin began operational.  Read article

Port Elgin Residents to voice turbine impact stories before council

STOP CAW BillbooardBy Sarah Sloan, Shoreline Beacon News

It has been approximately 20 weeks since the blades on the Canadian Auto Workers’ (CAW) wind turbine in Port Elgin have been spinning. It has also been the same amount of time since members of Stop Turbine Operation Policy (STOP) have been tracking complaints of those experiencing alleged negative impacts associated to the turbine.

A recent email sent to those on STOP’s mailing list, provided some of those complaints which included audible noise outside the home preventing property enjoyment; inside the home causing sleep depravation, headaches, nose bleeds, nausea and dizziness, to name some.

In the same email, STOP spokesperson Greg Schmalz said the listed symptoms go away when those affected leave the turbine area, but reappear when they come back.

Deputy mayor Luke Charbonneau made reference to some of those residents who have made complaints at last Monday night’s council meeting. He also said he had visited with a couple who live on Stickel Street, close to where the turbine is situated.  Read article

Huge turnout to Port Elgin CAW Turbine Protest

More pictures at the Stop CAW Turbine Facebook page

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CAW faces boycott over Port Elgin wind turbine

by John Spears, Toronto Star
A Port Elgin community group has launched a boycott of products made by CAW members to protest a wind turbine being erected by the union in town.  The group, known as STOP, will target any workplace where members of the Canadian Auto Workers are employed, said spokesperson Karen Hunter.  That includes auto makers, airlines and retailers organized by the CAW, she said. In Port Elgin itself, the group is calling for a boycott of the CAW banquet hall, the town’s biggest facility. Continue reading

CAW Project Being Challenged in Saugeen Shores

Efforts to stop the construction of a wind turbine near homes in Saugeen Shores appear to be falling on deaf ears. Close to 300 people protested today outside the Canadian Auto Workers Education Centre south of Port Elgin. They are upset the turbine is being built so close to homes in the area. Continue reading

Over 200 march to protest CAW turbine

Continue reading

Disgusted by the CAW in its patronizing treatment of this community

By TROY PATTERSON, Shoreline Beacon
For a labour union that prides itself on a history of negotiation, touts the power of democracy and the freedom of the public (and its members) to actively protest against what they feel is unjust, the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) are playing the hypocrites when it comes to the turbine it plans to erect in Port Elgin.  The CAW stands to gain nothing but infamy by forcing this turbine upon the Saugeen Shores community and a municipal council that wants nothing to do with it, especially the people who will have to live by it, or look at it every day. If they believe the financial write-off they hope to gain from the sale of the electricity from this turbine is worth more than the opinions of the community that hosts their Family Education Centre’, they’ve shown that loud and clear. Read article

Protest draws 50 looking to stop turbine at CAW

By Patrick Bales, Owen Sound Sun Times
PORT ELGIN – A two-hour protest outside the CAW Family Education Centre Friday morning was the latest in a series of actions by local residents to show their disapproval for a wind turbine slated to be constructed on the property. Approximately 50 people braved a crisp morning to picket outside the union owned and operated facility. While the majority were residents of Saugeen Shores, some ardent opponents of industrial wind turbines travelled from as far away as Erin to be part of the protest. Read article

CAW wind turbine sparks Port Elgin protest

Ken Lewenza, President of CAW

by Chantaie Allick and John Spears, Toronto Star
Plans by the Canadian Auto Workers to erect a 76-metre wind turbine in their community have residents of Port Elgin threatening to greet construction crews with a picket line.  “The neighbourhood is in an uproar,” said John Mann a resident who plans on participating in Friday’s peaceful protest.  “There’s a lot of opposition to it,” agrees Mayor Mike Smith. “There’s a lot of people upset.” Continue reading