Ontario wind energy advocates say they’ll try harder to explain their projects to the public

CanWEA must pour on more lies and false promises

John Spears, Toronto Star

Buffeted in some quarters by opponents of wind farms, the Canadian Wind Energy Association says it plans to do a better job of building support for its members.

“One can’t deny there is opposition,” Robert Hornung, president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association, said in interview, though he added: “We have also had a number of projects go through with relatively little.” Continue reading

Wind-energy proponent plays down unfavourable effects of turbines

Lobbyist Robert Hornung and Environment Minister John Baird

Manitoulin Expositor

 I see that Robert Hornung, president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), is sending letters to the editors of local papers to promote wind-industry business interests.

CanWEA is a registered lobby group that dismisses health, environmental and financial concerns that many from across this province and elsewhere are expressing.

Of course, one would not expect the wind industry to discredit its own product by exposing information that documents unfavourable effects from industrial wind turbines. Continue reading

CanWEA’s Robert Hornung twisting the facts again

Belleville Intelligencer

Being concerned with the volume of errors and partial truths in Robert Hornung’s article re: wind turbines in July 14 issue, I searched original documents for my information. I’ll share as many points as space will allow.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)’s website describes them as “…a non-profit trade association that promotes the appropriate development and application of all aspects of wind energy…” Could this agenda bias the author’s comments?

CanWEA’s 420 members likely include companies proposing or building wind farms in your area. Continue reading

CanWEA’s Robert Hornung Interview

Vestas Americas - Martha Wyrsch,General Electric,TransAlta - Stephen Snyder,Canadian Hydro - Kent Brown,Boralex - Patrick Lemaire,Invenergy - Michael Polsky

Robert Hornung, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association, reacts to the anti-wind turbine demonstration at Queens Park on the Goldhawk Fights Back program.

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Robert Hornung is a spokesman for an industrial lobby group whose sole purpose is further the financial interests of wind developers.   CanWEA are desperately trying to dismiss and ignore the problems found with their product.   Continue reading