MP Ben Lobb speaks out on CAW turbine decision

Ben Lobb, MP

Saugeen Times
In the past several weeks my office has been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails regarding the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) wind turbine at the Family Education Centre. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with members of Saugeen Turbine Operation Policy (S.T.O.P.) and the Director of the CAW to ensure I was fully informed on this issue. Continue reading

Disgusted by the CAW in its patronizing treatment of this community

By TROY PATTERSON, Shoreline Beacon
For a labour union that prides itself on a history of negotiation, touts the power of democracy and the freedom of the public (and its members) to actively protest against what they feel is unjust, the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) are playing the hypocrites when it comes to the turbine it plans to erect in Port Elgin.  The CAW stands to gain nothing but infamy by forcing this turbine upon the Saugeen Shores community and a municipal council that wants nothing to do with it, especially the people who will have to live by it, or look at it every day. If they believe the financial write-off they hope to gain from the sale of the electricity from this turbine is worth more than the opinions of the community that hosts their Family Education Centre’, they’ve shown that loud and clear. Read article

Saugeen Shores Council calls on province to halt CAW turbine

By Sarah Sloan, Shoreline Beacon
Saugeen Shores council needs to seek legal advice. That was the recommendation made by Daniel Santoro, a Toronto based lawyer who spoke at Monday night’s committee-of-the-whole meeting.
Council chambers overflowed with residents concerned with the 75-metre wind turbine the Canadian Auto Workers are planning to construct at the CAW Family Education Centre in Port Elgin. Santoro gave hist deputation on behalf of Saugeen Shores resident and lawyer John Mann.  Read article

New wind turbine setback set in Saugeen Shores

By John Divinski, Bayshore Broadcasting

Saugeen Shores council is now on record increasing the setback allowance for wind turbine development.

The setback is now one thousand meters as opposed to the provincially mandated 550 meters. Continue reading

Saugeen Shores Council to Challenge Ontario Government

March 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at 600 Tomlinson Drive, (The Plex) Port Elgin.    Map

Please come out and support us on March 14 when Saugeen Shores Councillors will vote on Deputy Mayor Luke Charboneau’s motion. The motion is based on the position that Leader Resources has not fulfilled its obligation under the Green Energy Act to consult with the community regarding its proposed Arran Wind Energy Project. We would also like support from other municipalities for this motion. Johnn Mann has been instrumental in researching the Ontario Government’s obligations for consultation under the GEA.

Stop Winds Work Says Saugeen Shores Deputy Mayor

Luke Charbonneau

CKNX 920   Click for Audio
The Deputy Mayor of Saugeen Shores wants to see all wind energy developments proposed for the municipality suspended.  Luke Charbonneau says the province and wind developers have failed to provide proper community consultation surrounding the proposals, and until the community approves of the projects, they should not move ahead.

Charbonneau believes the voters of Saugeen Shores spoke loudly during last fall’s municipal election.  Saugeen Shores council will consider Charbonneau’s request at its March 14th meeting.

MNR confirms 12 off-shore wind applications in Lake Huron

Eight of 12 applications in Kincardine, Point Clark Saugeen Shores area

By Troy Patterson    Kincardine News

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has confirmed that three companies have issued 12 off-shore wind power project applications within Lake Huron.

Of the applications, eight are “in the area near Kincardine and Goderich and near Port Elgin at MacGregor Point,” said Jolanta Kowalski, senior media relations officer for the MNR in a telephone interview Wednesday. “We don’t yet know the number of turbines, as they’re not applications of record, they’re just applications.” Continue reading

Anti-turbine winds blowing in Saugeen Shores

Barbara Ashbee

Posted By SARAH SLOAN , Shoreline Beacon

Saugeen Shores could be the next municipality to halt the set up of wind farms based on the argument Ontario’s Green Energy Act infringes on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Three deputations spoke before the committee-of-the-whole meeting last Tuesday night arguing wind turbines are still causing unrest in Saugeen Shores, bordering towns and other communities in Ontario.

The deputations were presented to councillors from concerned residents about the adverse effects caused by the wind turbines and the lack of compassion from the government.

William Palmer of Paisley went before committee to express his unrest of the deprivation of basic Canadian rights and freedoms imposed in Ontario by provincial government action regarding placement of wind turbines. Continue reading