The McGuinty Liberals ignored them and built more wind turbine complexes

Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin

On November 24, 2004, the McGuinty Liberals proudly announced the results of its Request for Proposals for 300 megawatts of renewable energy. With noise guidelines developed from the advice of the wind energy industry the McGuinty Liberals started their assault on rural Ontario families.

Soon emerged the first of many reports which described families suffering from adverse health effects related to wind turbine complexes.

What did the McGuinty Liberals do in response to these reports? The McGuinty Liberals ignored them and built more wind turbine complexes. Continue reading

Part III – Public Consultation Report from Port Elgin

Part I – Report from Ottawa

Part II – Report from Chatham Kent

There were about 180 people at this meeting.  The lineup at the mic was pretty much 10 people long all night.  The facilitator kept marking down points made in big letters on a big easel with lined paper.  The request for a town hall forum was accepted.  There was no argument about using that format from them.  Questions went on past 9:00.

At least 12 victims of wind turbines were throughout the room.  Some spoke, some recorded, the rest supported others.  Continue reading

Part II – Report from Chatham “Public Consultation”

Continued from our coverage on the GEA Public Consultation

Overall comments from MOE

  • We have done the research on the 40 dBA and feel this should be the max level
  • We have started a research chair and are looking for ideas, still in preliminary stages and role is not defined
  • We have enforcement in place but have not received complaints, have a noise abatement program in place, can stop turbines if found non-compliant.
  • EA process is now built in into the REA process; all requirements under this will still be required
  • The turbine height setback is based on their research Continue reading

Part I – This is Public Consultation? Report from Ottawa

mcguinty finger

Does McGuinty Listen to the Public?

Key Points from June 15th Meeting in Ottawa:

  • Approximately 100 people were in attendance.  When asked to break up into groups to discuss, the crowd adamantly refused, insisting on a Town Hall type format instead.
  • A very determined and powerful message was given that rural Ontarians are very disturbed about this.
  • No one wanted to hear that 40 dB was like a library.  MOE was strongly told not to say that anymore. No one bought into the 40 db and setbacks. Continue reading

Did you Know Bill 150 known as the Green Energy Act…

  • Takes away your civil right to object to any infrastructure project proposed for your neighbourhood regardless of impact on you and your family.
  • Strips municipalities of their planning protection rights, effectively re-zones all of Ontario into an Industrial zone.
  • Severely curtails environmental rights.
  • Eliminates the need for proper Environmental Assessment thus putting Threatened and Endangered Species at risk.
  • Eliminates previously protected designated Green Spaces and gives them to Industrial Wind Turbine developers.
  • Continue reading

Tourism Concerns Ignored

Globe and Mail

It’s a sad day when Ontario’s Environment Minister trivializes the preservation of landscapes by declaring that renewable energy development won’t slow down “just to preserve scenic views” (Blowing Up A Storm – June 11).

John Gerretsen should visit – the website launched by the Canadian Tourism Commission to promote travel across Canada. According to the federal government, tourism generates more wealth in Canada than agriculture, fisheries and forestry combined. Continue reading

Stripping away rights to object against potential harm to fish & wildlife and human health with gag orders & draconian rules

dictatorshipPosted By ALF BECK             The Ottawa Valley Daily Observer

Democratic-elected municipal governments have the mandate to act in the best interest and wellbeing of their constituents and also exercise control over environmental issues; sometimes for the better and on occasion not. Sometimes they can exercise control through the issuance or denial of construction permits.

Ontario’s Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, George Smitherman, is determined to stifle, if not abrogate this municipal authority. Continue reading

Liberal MPPs aim ‘slap at the premier’ by defying his edict on green energy

Dissent is roiling the Liberal government with MPPs ignoring Premier Dalton McGuinty’s edict that “NIMBYism” will not be tolerated to stop green energy projects.

In an unusually brazen protest, three Liberal MPPs tabled petitions in the House this week with thousands of signatures opposing wind turbines and gas-fired power plants in their ridings.

“It’s a real slap at the premier and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said one government MPP who was not involved in the demonstration. Continue reading

Ontario Municipalities: Never Give In to Force

Some 2,500 years ago, fable author Aesop opined that, “Persuasion is often more effectual than force.” It is an idea the current provincial government has decided holds no place, at least when it comes to matters it feels are important.

The list of areas where the government has chosen to exert the force of law over the persuasion of education is becoming legion, including but not limited to smoking, cellphone usage and, most importantly, wind power. Continue reading

Just because they may have a [health] concern, resistance to wind farms is not an option – Deputy Premier George Smitherman.

4_Smitherman_9Posted By Luke Hendry The Intelligencer

GLEN MILLER — Ontario could become a North American environmental leader, but municipalities can’t stand in the way of wind power.

That was the message Tuesday from Ontario Energy and Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman as he toured a hydroelectric plant here.

Smitherman, also Ontario’s deputy premier, praised Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. for its operation of the eight-megawatt plant.

“We are very, very proud that a lot of the investment that is occurring is taking place in the private sector,” Smitherman said. “We have many more opportunities here to create energy from what Mother Nature gives us from the wind and the sun and the water.”

He promoted Ontario’s new Green Energy and Green Economy Act, saying it will make the province not only greener, but more prosperous. Continue reading

Devastation to Provincially Significant Wetlands on Wolfe Island

These are examples of the construction phase on Wolfe Island taken in March 2009.  Construction led to significant flooding of agricultural and wet lands, as well as roads.  Culverts, crushed by the heavy loads, were replaced and old culverts left to rust by side of the road. windconcern1
Note the photographs illustrating the expansion of the road in the Provincially Significant Wetland (fishing habitat, VTE species, nesting, foraging and migrating avian species). This is the most environmentally sensitive area of the project, the western section. Continue reading

Wolfe Island: From beautiful place to an industrial wasteland

I am a resident of Cape Vincent, New York. Over the past decade, I have made numerous and regular visits to Canada. I have been a season ticket holder to the Thousand Islands Playhouse, have attended Kingston Symphony and other cultural events, have given contributions to Canadian charities, and have shopped, dined, toured and shared in the joy of all things Canadian. Continue reading

Systematic Epidemiological Field Study Needed

By Paul Mayne , Western News, University of Western Ontario
Industrial wind turbines (IWT) are popping up all across Ontario.   The 100- to 400-foot structures with blades sweeping an area just under an acre are one of the fastest growing sources of electricity.

While selling the ‘green’ side of wind turbines is easy, the number of people living near the massive electricity generators and claiming adverse health effects – from sleep disturbance and acute hypertensive episodes to cardiac arrhythmia and heart palpitation – is growing at an alarming rate, says Robert McMurtry, former dean of medicine at The University of Western Ontario. 

“Adverse health effects are occurring as we speak. There is no question they are genuinely suffering and more people are at risk if the rules are not changed substantially.”

Continue reading

Health directors seek probe on wind turbine safety

Dr. Nicola Mercer

Dr. Nicola Mercer

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph public health directors are asking the recently launched Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion to investigate the effects of wind turbines.

“We have written our letter specifically recommending that they consider large population-based health studies,” medical officer of health Dr. Nicola Mercer said yesterday. Continue reading

Tell us the real cost, please.

Dalton McGuinty says our electricity bills will rise only “minimally” with new green technologies. George Smitherman says it’s “about 1%” annually.  Put this promise in perspective. Regular hydro billings just increased by another 4% over last November’s hike. The facts belie the obvious political sell job.

Everywhere in the world where wind power is utilized, the costs to users have risen dramatically. In Germany, through a scheme called “feed-in tariff” (sound familiar?) electricity bills went up 38% in one year (2007). Spain pays renewable energy suppliers up to 11 times more than those who produce conventional power. Denmark’s reliance on wind power translates into the highest electricity rates in Europe. The U.S. government subsidizes wind power at $23.34/MWh compared to natural gas generation (25 cents), coal (44 cents), hydro (67 cents) and nuclear ($1.59). Continue reading

Wind power is great politics but lousy policy

President, Johns Hopkins University 

The Globe and Mail

Years ago, Princeton economist Alan Blinder famously exhorted policy-makers to frame policy that was based on soft hearts and hard heads. The McGuinty government’s proposed foray into investments in wind generation upends this admonition by giving us policy that is soft-hearted – and soft-headed.

Continue reading

McGuinty Government Refuses Health Critic’s 3rd Request to Study the Health Effects of Wind Turbines

160_whitmer_080924(Queens Park) For the 3rd time, the PC Health Critic, Elizabeth Witmer, has urged the McGuinty government to conduct a formal study into the health effects of wind turbines.

Yesterday, Dr. Robert McMurtry, a former Dean of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario, appeared before the Standing Committee on General Government, the Committee reviewing Bill 150. During the proceedings Dr. McMurtry asked the province to conduct a formal study into the health effects of wind turbines. A survey of people living near wind turbines conducted by Dr. McMurtry found the majority of residents suffered from headaches, sleep disturbances and depression.

“Why is the McGuinty government refusing to consider the facts; and why are they prepared to put peoples’ health at risk,” asks Witmer. “I urge the McGuinty government to listen to health experts like Dr. McMurtry and people suffering health problems and take the time to do the necessary, in-depth analysis about the potential health impact of Bill 150.”

Call for the Resignation of George Smitherman

We are calling on Premier McGuinty to demand the resignation of Mr Smitherman from his positions of Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Deputy Premier.

Regarding the proposed Green Energy Act the Ottawa Citizen reported that Mr. Smitherman stated “when the act is passed by his government… the social and bureaucratic roadblocks are going to be removed.” Continue reading

CBC: Wind turbines causing health problems, some Ont. residents say

Listen to CBC “The Current” interview
CBC Toronto
Noise and vibrations caused by wind turbines are causing sleep disruptions and other health problems among people who live nearby, some Ontario residents say.

“I’m very concerned about the victims that we’ve got in Ontario because they’re really suffering some pretty significant, adverse health effects,” said Carmen Krogh, a retired Alberta pharmacist who is conducting a survey of people living near wind turbines. Continue reading

Green Energy Blues – Enbridge Grand Opening

We were made to stand out in the rain for longer than anticipated because they turned the ceremonial turbine on and it wouldn’t work!

McGuinty Liberals Silence the People to Protect the Wind Lobbyists!

From Ontario Legislature Hansard Transcripts  April 8, 2009


MPP Ms. Sylvia Jones: A constituent in my riding of Dufferin-Caledon has been denied the opportunity to speak before the standing committee for Bill 150, the Green Energy Act.

Barbara Ashbee is a resident of Amaranth and is today living with the side effects of having wind turbines surround her home. In fact, the closest turbine is measured just 450 metres from her house. Yet my constituent has been refused an opportunity to share her experiences during public hearings on Bill 150.

This is just what I was afraid was going to happen. Continue reading

Open Letter to the Green Energy Act Standing Committee

RE Hearings on Bill 150:

A measure of healthy democracy is the willingness of a government to listen to input from citizens. A friend from British Columbia recently called my Ontario government Stalinist. I am beginning to understand why. Continue reading

Enbridge Grand Opening Met with Angry Protesters

cimg6288Rain wasn’t the only thing that put a damper on the Enbridge Ontario Wind Power grand opening celebration on Friday.

Police directed traffic past over 50 anti-wind power sign-carrying protesters to the tented celebration next to one of the 115 1.65MW Vestas V82 turbines near the sub-station off of Bruce Township’s Con. 6 in the Municipality of Kincardine.

With signs reading ‘Windfarms Make People Sick’, ‘Welcome to Hell’, ‘Save Our Skyline’ and ‘Health before Politics’, protesters greeted politicians like Deputy Premier George Smitherman and MPP Carol Mitchell, along with Enbridge staff, local politicians and property owners, with boos and jeers as they entered the site. Continue reading

C-K Councilor: …a most disturbing proposed piece of legislation

While it expressed support for green power, Chatham-Kent council didn’t like the idea of giving up control in the process.

In a report Monday on the province’s proposed Green Energy Act, administration said the municipality should lobby to retain authority on planning applications, particularly for wind turbine projects. Continue reading

Misplaced Celebration as Ontario Energy Minister Opens Enbridge Wind Development

See video of protest here

More pictures here

UNDERWOOD / Bruce County, Apr. 3. 2009 – Concerned citizens from across Ontario stood in the rain today to protest the grand opening of the Enbridge Ontario Cruickshank Wind Project. They want to identify reasons why the celebration was misplaced. They pointed out that people will be hurt by this and future industrial wind developments championed in the hastily developed, inadequate Green Energy Act. Continue reading

Dear Mr. McGuinty: Why do you rely on Industry Lobbyists for all Your Information?


  • Why have you turned a deaf ear to thousands of Ontarians and labelled them NIMBY’s simply because they are asking for a chance to have their legitimate concerns heard?  You once said in the Legislature that everyone should have “a fair voice in debates that affect them.” Apparently not when it conflicts with your views. Continue reading

“Renfrew- Nipissing-Pembroke needs no lessons from Toronto”

Cheryl Gallant, MP Renfrew- Nipissing-Pembroke, recently announced that Carmen Krogh, a local resident, will be meeting with senior officials of the minister of health Leona Aglukkaq’s office to share health concerns regarding the size, number and location of wind turbines that are being proposed for rural Renfrew County and Nipissing district. Continue reading

McGuinty government trashes democracy and due diligence

CB013128Yesterday, I took the trouble to travel 4 hours to attend the Toronto “workshop” on the Green Energy Act held by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Natural Resources. (Where was the Ministry of Energy to answer questions?)

 It appears the government was deluded if it expected Ontario taxpayers to accept a farcical juvenile “workbook” completion exercise under the strictly controlled direction of a hired “facilitator” as anything to do with the democratic process. Those who attended included township and county mayors, doctors, engineers and a broad spectrum of professional and working people, all voicing their outrage at the proposed “Green Energy Act” and its  trashing of local democracy as well as our long-established environmental protection mechanisms. Continue reading

A power struggle

“They’re running roughshod over local opposition,” he said. “I don’t like how the government is shoving this down our throat … Democracy is becoming a casualty in Ontario’s electricity development. Green energy is important but so is democracy. One shouldn’t trump the other.” – Green party leader Frank de Jong

Brian and Janice Scovill’s comfortable two-storey home sits in the heart of the farmland where one of Canada’s largest wind-power plants is under construction. Continue reading

Barrie Examiner: Green Energy Act

 The Green Energy Act is an assault on democracy. Never have I seen an act purported to do something so good while cloaking a sinister plot to strip us of our rights and concentrate them in the hands of a cabinet minister. Continue reading