Green Energy Act has some seeing red

Adam Prudhomme, Napanee Beaver March 12th, 2009

“All the money that has been spent in this municipality educating ourselves, listening to experts, coming up with our own summations, then to turn around and everything might just be carte blanche, is totally irresponsible on their part.”

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Gangreen energy act

Ontario’s new energy plan heavily subsidizes green energy projects at the expense of conservation

By Lawrence Solomon  National Post

Ontario’s Green Energy Act should more accurately be called Ontario’s Gangreen Act.

No piece of legislation in memory will do more to simultaneously undermine Ontario’s economy and environment. This one act rolls back decades of environmental gains in the energy sphere and opens the door to a future of environmental outrages. Continue reading

McGuinty’s Only Plan


The province’s green energy plan is turning Ontario into a green police state

So a final question on Ontario’s new Green Energy Act: What’s the definition of corruption?

By Terence Corcoran, Financial Post

fe0306-hydro-comparison_eps1This is our third day with Ontario’s new Green Energy Act (GEA), a likely model for similar policy moves across Canada. We begin with a brief look at the latest in green police-state thinking. It’s modelled on the war on tobacco and the war on drugs: the war on carbon.

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Green Energy Act: Removing local democracy never the solution

Grant Robertson  Guelph Mercury
It seems these days all manner of sins can be hidden by just throwing the label ‘green’ on it.

For those like the National Farmers Union that have fought for sound and sustainable environmental policies long before it was trendy, seeing the word ‘green’ co-opted is indeed troubling.

It is clear that this is precisely what the McGuinty government is up to with the so-called “Green” Energy Act. Continue reading

Loss of local control concern at green energy meeting

Posted By Don Crosby Owen Sound Sun Times

Concerns are being raised that the proposed provincial Green Energy Act threatens the authority of local municipal councils.

“Municipal powers are our checks and balances. Once they are removed for any reason you set a priority, you have lost your democratic right. This is not what the Green Energy Act should be about,” said Ron Stephens of Kincardine, who attended a public meeting in Markdale on Tuesday night about the province’s proposal. Continue reading

Terence Corcoran: Ontario’s green energy plan sneaks in feed-in taxes

Posted: March 03, 2009, 7:49 PM by National Post Editor
Terence Corcoran, Green Energy Act

The main economic tool driving renewable energy under the Green Energy Act will be subsidies paid directly to producers of wind, solar and other renewables

In the midst of a major economic meltdown, and with looming budget deficits totaling more than $18-billion, now might not be the best time for the government of Ontario to be embarking on a crushing new green energy policy that could add billions to the province’s electricity costs. But Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is nothing if not immune to the folly of his own righteous policies and the fiscal crisis he faces as a result. Continue reading

Green Energy Act off the mark in two cases

Strathroy Age Dispatch

But isn’t this a classic case of the means justifying the end? Limiting public input is a dangerous path to follow for any democratic government. There’s currently a lively debate going on, for instance, over the possible public health effects of wind turbines. Those pushing wind power think these concerns are frivolous, and can produce studies that back them up. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for a government committed to wind power to call these concerns frivolous and throw them out, even though we have seen all sorts of other studies suggesting that at the least, the jury is still out on the health issue.

In short, we don’t care for the idea that a government that is an active player in the alternative energy issue can also make the rules that govern the debate.

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Twists and turns to explain Grit policies



I like Smitherman but he almost crashed to the ground when he announced the Green Energy Act. Apparently the province has now clued into something called NIMBYism and they don’t like it. Not In Dalton’s Back Yard. People who don’t want the value of their homes to collapse because a wind farm is madly rotating down the street are apparently guilty of bad Karma, and Smitherman and McGuinty are not going to stand for it. Well sort of.

If your concern over a new wind farm is legitimate you are not engaging in NIMBYism. The government will let you know if your concerns are legitimate. What could be fairer? Namaste.

You are also not engaging in NIMBYism if your concern is about something not deemed to be politically correct.

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McGuinty’s mighty wind

The premier’s new green energy plan is just a badly planned distraction from Ontario’s worsening economic outlook

By Randall Denley, The Ottawa CitizenMarch 1, 2009

When a politician is in deep trouble, he typically seeks to create a distraction. Trouble doesn’t get much worse than the type that Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is facing. Desperate to change the channel from continuing job losses and a ballooning provincial deficit, McGuinty this week championed the Green Energy Act. The premier immediately ran into heavy opposition from realtors and homeowners who think his mandatory energy audits are useless and from wind power skeptics who think the premier is overselling this minor energy source. By the end of the week, McGuinty had succeeded in creating a distraction, but probably not the type he wanted. Continue reading

Minister adds turbulence to wind debate

Jim Coyle , Toronto Star

In some parts of Ontario, folks are understandably edgy about being trampled in the provincial government’s stampede to the brave new world of windmill power.

For them, the performance this week by the minister in charge of installing the twirling green giants can hardly have eased the mind.

Unhappily, George Smitherman has rarely seen a discussion he wouldn’t sooner turn into a brawl.

Property owners with wind turbines in their neighbourhood’s future have already been dismissed by the minister of energy and infrastructure (and the premier) as NIMBYs to be swept expeditiously aside. Continue reading

Support Ripley Victims!

Please consider sending this email to the following provincial ministers and your local MPP.  Encourage others to do the same.,,,, 
Cut from below and paste into your email:

Once again I am writing to express my displeasure with the McGuinty Liberal’s lack of compassion for the victims who are suffering from wind turbine adverse health effects.
I refer to the letter, attached below, addressed to Premier McGuinty composed by yet another Ontarian suffering from wind turbine exposure.
How many families will have to suffer before the McGunity Liberals and their business partners, the wind energy companies, take notice?
The families of the Ripley Wind Project have endured adverse health effects for more than a year.
Everyday more and more Ontarians are becoming aware of the McGuinty Government’s policy of placing wind turbines ahead of public health.
I demand to know what the McGuinty Liberals are going to do to stop the suffering.  I await your prompt response to my demand.
Letter from a wind turbine complex victim

Mr. McGuinty,
This is my third letter to you, our government’s top representative, regarding the serious health problems incurred and occurring to the residence within the Ripley Wind Project since the last week of November 2007. Continue reading

How green was my wind turbine

February 26, 2009

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is nothing if not a visionary. He recently released a $2.2-million report, co-authored by intellectual glamourpuss Richard Florida, instructing us that the province’s salvation lies in becoming more “creative.” No specifics were supplied, but it sounded quite delightful. If only we can turn laid-off auto workers into art gallery owners, things will be swell! Continue reading

‘Green’ illusions

snake-oilBy Kenneth Green, Special to The Windsor Star February 23, 2009

Taking actions to raise the cost of energy using a fallacious job-creation approach and fallacious benefit claims will only exacerbate Ontario’s suffering in the ongoing world economic downturn.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has run afoul of two fallacies which plague governments with his new Green Energy Act. Continue reading

Ontario’s green pit bulls

McGuinty and Smitherman will tell us what we can and can’t think about renewable energy


Few things are as alarming as politicians who don’t understand an issue suddenly deciding they do and then dictating to the rest of us how we will be permitted to respond.

Say hello to Premier Dalton McGuinty and his faithful pit bull, Energy Minister George Smitherman, as they bully and blunder their way across Ontario on the issue of renewable energy. Continue reading

Mr. McGuinty, Your Recent Remarks and How You Might Begin to Repair the Damage

Dear Mr. McGuinty;

There are always unforeseen adverse consequences when a public figure refers to any section of the electorate using a trivializing, derogatory term. “NIMBY” is particularly offensive to the growing numbers of people across this province who oppose the government’s wind turbine policy.

By now you must be aware of the proliferation of public dissatisfaction you have directly provoked through this inept choice of words and, more  particularly, the proposed aggressive legislation to remove public discussion  and input into local planning from affected communities. 

These objections come from conscientious and diligent citizens who believe it is their public duty to question misdirected government policy.  They are not mindless luddites who are questioning the massive construction of industrial wind turbine facilities across our province simply because they “do not like them”. Continue reading

Green energy developers want limits on OMB appeals

Posted By Monte Sonnenberg, SIMCOE REFORMER

A clean energy project may be coming to a neighbourhood near you — whether you like it or not.

Speaking to the London Chamber of Commerce earlier this week, Premier Dalton McGuinty said new legislation — the Green Energy Act — will streamline the approval process for renewable energy projects. The province, McGuinty said, will no longer tolerate the “Not in my backyard” attitude that often accompanies necessary but unpopular projects. Continue reading

Green Energy Act Proposal is Flawed

The Green Energy Act (GEA) is a proposal from a coalition consisting of the David Suzuki Foundation, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, Ivey Foundation, Pembina Institute, Community Power Fund, Environmental Defence, Ontario Federation of Agriculture and First Nations Energy Alliance. 

What is the driving influence behind it, and why?    Read the entire article:   Green Energy Act Is Flawed WCO

Source:   Why Industrial Wind Power