McGuinty’s Liberals Want 715 Turbines in Lake Erie

Ontario communities feel abandoned by the McGuinty government who, in the name of its Green Energy Act, has not only washed its hands of most monitoring duties, but also has placed the onus of environmental proof on the municipalities rather than the developers.

Kingsville wants regional effort to combat offshore wind turbines

Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary, Kingsville

By L.G. Karry

After hearing a report from Town Planner, Danielle Truax regarding the limited and potentially costly remedies available to municipalities with regard to wind power, Kingsville Council has decided to make a concerted, cohesive, and collected effort to deal with matters concerning the potential impact of offshore wind turbines.

Kingsville has already partnered with the Town of Leamington in hiring the Jones Consulting Group. A report from Jones completed in September 2009, which coordinated technical peer reviews found “significant deficiencies and a lack of specific details to support the conclusions” reached by SouthPoint that “the project would not create a negative environmental impact”. Continue reading

Questions about Freshwater Offshore Turbines

Amherstburg Echo

It is with great dismay that I find I have to write this statement in response to the notification in the local daily paper that there’s a plan afoot to install up to 700 wind turbines just offshore in Lake Erie. I know that this is part of the provincial government’s Green Energy Act but just who is it going to be green for? In the first paragraph of the act, the government states that it will “boost investment in renewable energy projects and increase conservation.” I submit that it will do everything but increase conservation. Continue reading