Don’t use lakes as testing ground

by Anton Klarich, Windsor Star

By now, many of us have been made aware of the public relations disaster created by the SouthPoint Wind company of Leamington.

Empowered by the anti-democratic provisions of the Liberal government’s Green Energy Act, SouthPoint Wind hosted a series of brief, poorly organized and incoherent presentations around the county on March 27, announcing their intentions to erect 715 wind turbine towers in the waters of lakes St. Clair and Erie. Continue reading

Hundreds Protest SouthPoint Wind Project

By Mark Ribble, Leamington Post

Angry residents demanded answers and Cherrin attempted to diffuse the situation before the Leamington Police Service arrived and had SouthPoint Wind’s Jim Liovas make an announcement to shut the meeting down. 

Several hundred people showed up at the Princess Centre Saturday afternoon to voice their concerns over the wind turbine project proposed for Lake Erie by SouthPoint Wind. Continue reading

Turbine work may threaten tap water; Construction could stir up sediment, toxins

By Sharon Hill, The Windsor Star,

The construction of offshore wind turbines south of Kingsville could threaten the safety of drinking water for 60,000 people, says Union Water System advisory board manager John Kehoe. 

Kehoe said the construction could cause weeks of turbidity in the water. 

If the plant can’t filter the muddy water and be sure it is getting out pathogens such as E. coli, it could be shut down, Kehoe said.

“To consistently filter that out over a period of a long time … it would give me concern.

“Obviously, there’s more chance of failure of the treatment if we’re facing that situation.” Continue reading

Kingsville residents come out in droves to say no to turbines

KINGSVILLE, Ont. — Packing a public meeting at the Lakeside Park Pavilion, about 300 Kingsville residents opened fire on a multibillion-dollar offshore wind project aiming at Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair. Continue reading

Province accused of hamstringing wind turbine opponents

By Sharon Hill  Windsor Star

The province’s Green Energy Act has hamstrung residents’ ability to fight wind turbine proposals for lakes Erie and St. Clair by putting the financial onus on opponents to prove any harm to human health or the environment.

Municipalities need to do hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of studies to fight 715 wind turbines proposed for the two lakes, Gord Meuser, a member of Citizens Against Lake Erie Wind Turbines, told Leamington council Monday. Continue reading

Perhaps the Citizens Just Need More PR Spin

By Ellen van Wageningen

A Leamington-based company that is proposing to put 700 wind turbines in lakes Erie and St. Clair has hired a high-profile Michigan public relations strategist and former spokesman for the mayor of Detroit.

Daniel Cherrin, who was chief communications officer under former Detroit mayor Ken Cockrel Jr., said Thursday he was hired last week by SouthPoint Wind to speak on its behalf about the controversial project. Continue reading

Southpoint offshore project generating lots of opposition

Port Huron, MI  Times Herald,

An Ontario company’s quest to erect 715 wind turbines in the shallows of Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie has many people asking questions — and rightly so. 

SouthPoint Wind announced plans last week for a 1,400-megawatt project that would dwarf other Canadian efforts to generate electricity from the wind. It would draw power from 165 turbines off the south shore of Lake St. Clair and 550 turbines near the north shore of Lake Erie.  Continue reading

McGuinty Liberals ignoring the people and environmental destruction

Migration of the Monarchs

Turbines OK’d despite 6,000 signature petition
Windsor Star    

Hasn’t mankind done enough damage to our planet already?  Approximately four years ago, the Ontario government put a moratorium on placing wind turbines in the Great Lakes.

It made perfect sense to protect, at all costs, one-fifth of the world’s fresh water supply, the fishery, wildlife, Point Pelee, monarch butterfly migration routes, etc.

Then, they lifted the moratorium and the Liberal government’s new minister of Natural Resources reversed her position in lockstep with the party line to explore all avenues of renewable energy. Continue reading