Company asks Wainfleet about moratorium on turbine installation

By Dave Johnson, Dunnville Chronicle

WAINFLEET — A company that received approval for a 230-megawatt, wind-power project in West Lincoln plans to install turbines in the northwest area of Wainfleet.

But before those turbines are ever installed, the company will meet with local municipalities and community groups across the area, said Niagara Region Wind Corp. spokesman Randi Rahamim. Continue reading

Turbine proposal missing info: Consultant

By Maryanne Firth  Welland Tribune

WAINFLEET — The answers to Wainfleet’s questions aren’t blowing in the wind.  During Tuesday’s township council meeting, municipal staff brought forward a report that reviewed plans for the Wainfleet Wind Energy Project.

The nine-page report, created by Jones Consulting Group Ltd., and the numerous comments contained within raised several questions from city council.  The consultant’s report revealed there “was a lot of missing information” from the plan for the wind energy farm submitted by IPC Energy Inc. on behalf of the Loeffen family, said deputy mayor Richard Dykstra. Continue reading

Wainfleet wind turbine meeting packed

Wainfleet resident Tim McCormack slams the development of wind turbines with passion

by Eddie Chau, Niagara This Week

It was all about wind energy in Wainfleet this past Wednesday.

About 100 people packed Wainfleet Township council chambers on Feb. 23 to voice their two cents worth on the hot topic at the moment in the municipality: wind turbines. Wainfleet Township Council held a public meeting in order to receive feedback from residents regarding the matter.

The subject in mind is the proposed wind farm by Wainfleet Wind Energy Project, developed as a joint venture between IPC Energy and the Loeffen Farms. The project calls for the installation of five turbines over a land area of 3,400 hectares in Wainfleet’s lakeshore area. Continue reading

Wainfleet wind development moratorium debate on hold

Citizens of Wainfleet peacefully protesting

By DAVE JOHNSON, Welland Tribune

WAINFLEET — Ald. David Wyatt’s motion calling for a moratorium on any new industrial wind turbine agreements in the province has been deferred until Wainfleet township council hears from area residents.

Wyatt brought forward his motion Tuesday nigh. It called for the province to provide assurances “there will be no negative financial impacts on residents and businesses in the township through diminished property values or limitations on business operations as a result of the construction of industrial wind turbines.” Continue reading

Wind farm moratorium urged for Wainfleet

 By DAVE JOHNSON, Welland Tribune Staff

WAINFLEET — Andrew Watts wants the township to join 60 other Ontario municipalities in calling for a moratorium on wind farm developments.

Watts appeared before aldermen Tuesday and told of a community on the U.S. East Coast that initially welcomed a wind farm in its area, as an environmentally-friendly way to get energy.

Watts said the people on Fox Island soon came to realize the benefits of the three wind turbines installed were not what they thought they’d be. He said the people found the noise of the turbines to be extremely high and even petitioned the company operating them to shut them down overnight so people could sleep.

“I’d ask council to do their due diligence and independent research to see the benefits, if any, or harm caused by wind turbines before they embrace plans for one here,” said Watts. Continue reading

Township, residents need say on wind farm: Wainfleet mayor wants process to be transparent

by Eddie Chau, Staff, Niagara This Week

Mayor Barbara Henderson wants the Township and its residents to have their say during the consultation process for a proposed wind energy project for Wainfleet.

The Ontario Power Authority announced in April a contract for a wind turbine project for Wainfleet. The contract was offered under the “Feed-in Tariff” program, a provincial program under the Green Energy Act.

The program offers long-term prices for energy from renewable source such as wind turbines.  Henderson said the contract is known as Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc.

Prior to the announcement in April, Henderson said the township had not been consulted by the Loeffen family, the proponents of the energy project. Staff then met with the proponents to discuss the project. Continue reading