If in doubt, just blame the zeitgeist

by Michael Dentandt   Toronto Sun

Excerpt:     Take, for example, wind power. A year ago it was already obvious that the grand vision of the Green Energy Act — an Ontario rural landscape festooned with industrial wind turbines — was a failure.

It was a failure because everywhere the turbines were built in any number, people living nearby complained. They complained about headaches, lack of sleep, nervousness, irritation and other so-called intangible ailments. They complained about the loss of their view, declines in their property values and the destruction of the rural Ontario landscape. And the complaints haven’t gone away. Continue reading

Indepth Coverage of Wind Opposition in Ontario

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On the Bay Magazine

Citizens’ groups are taking on local and provincial governments and wind turbine operators, using sophisticated political and legal tactics to keep the behemoths from taking over our rural communities – and it’s beginning to work.  Read entire article

Activist Minority or Informed Citizens?

B. Geleynse Pro-Wind, Deluded or in Denial?

Woodstock Sentinel Review

Recently, the Sentinel-Review published an article regarding the Innerkip Wind Farm, including a quote from Bart Geleynse of Prowind Canada describing those opposed to the project as an “activist minority.”

Claims that informed members of the community are an “activist minority” should be met with concern and skepticism.

First, let’s review the “minority” claim. Based on petitions and letters signed in local project areas, it is the project supporters (typically comprised only of landowners having signed leases with the developers) who are significantly outnumbered by their concerned neighbours.  Both developers and landowners who have signed contracts must realize that proceeding with these projects is contrary to the wishes of the community, and the consequences will be borne for years to come in community relationships, health, viability of neighbouring agricultural operations and legal proceedings. In other areas of Ontario, several landowners who had signed lease agreements are already pursuing options to rescind their contracts for these reasons. Continue reading