Industrial Wind Turbines Shatter Environmental Guidelines

Noise GreyGrey Highlands, Ontario

PRESS RELEASE February 3, 2013
New scientific measurements reveal that industrial wind turbines (IWTs) in Ontario routinely exceed acceptable noise limits set by Ministry of Environment (MOE) guidelines.

Five typical sites in central Ontario were independently monitored using precision sound recording instruments. Two sites provided background sound levels with no exposure to wind turbines. Three other sites were adjacent to turbines with distances ranging from .6 to 1.4 kilometres between the IWTs and the measuring instruments. These are distances beyond the 550m distance set by MOE.

The data shows that when wind turbines are present, the associated sound pressure levels are repeatedly higher than government guidelines permit during the day, evenings and late at night.  The study results suggest that the model used by the MOE to predict sound pressure levels substantially under-estimates levels of industrial wind turbine noise. This implies the problem is generalized and not merely confined to each test site under study.

The analysis reaffirms hundreds of subjective reports from residents living near wind turbine installations about daily disturbances.  Two policy aspects are key for investigation; the location of turbines relative to dwellings (i.e. their relative setback), and the validity of current MOE noise guidelines. Both policies influence citizen well-being and require review.

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Environmental Review Process Is One More Provincial Liberal Scandal

ERTManitoulin Island, December 10, 2012
The Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives Inc. (MCSEA) has pulled the plug on an appeal of a large wind project by Northland Power LP on Manitoulin Island. This action for the reasons below unfortunately now eliminates other parties, participants or presenters their say at the hearing had it moved forward. MCSEA wrote to the Environmental Review Tribunal stating notice of withdrawal of the appeal for the 20,000 acre Northland Power McLean’s Mountain wind project near Little Current to Honora Bay. MCSEA objects to the 24 industrial wind turbines placed in key natural habitat, wetlands and waterfowl nesting areas and environmentally sensitive areas that contain species at risk. Other wind farm impacts were included in our submission to the MOE. Continue reading

Letter shows Health Canada seeks meeting with CanWEA on study …why?

“Why would members of the Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study seek a meeting with CanWEA? Who is Health Canada trying to protect: the health of Canadians or the health of the wind industry?”

Colby: The Noise Denier

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MUST READ: An apology to children living on properties leased for wind generation

by Pete Lomath
I’m a 66 year old Canadian who is partly responsible for allowing the McGuinty government to put in place the Green Energy Act and by so doing removing the protection afforded by the various pieces of legislation to children such as you whose parents have seen fit to place you in danger from the health impacts of wind turbines.

By setting what it deems to be acceptable setbacks and noise figures for those on property adjacent to wind turbine installations the Ontario government has acknowledged that anyone living closer than those setbacks or subject to noise levels higher than those referenced in legislation are at risk of health problems due to the wind turbine noise. Continue reading

Family sues wind farm, alleging health damage

by Avis Favaro and Elizabeth St. Philip CTV News
A rural family in southwestern Ontario has launched a lawsuit against a nearby wind farm, claiming the turbines are damaging their health. They are demanding the farm be shut down. Continue reading