Canadian Professor Emeritus says people are suffering health problems from being too close to structures

Professor (Emeritus) Ph.D. (Leeds)


Some might accuse John Harrison of tilting at wind turbines, but the retired Queen’s University physics professor says he’s got the science to prove that wind farms are bad for people’s health.

Harrison became an expert critic of wind technology — and an ally of those who oppose it — after learning that his retirement community of Amherst Island could become the site of a wind farm like the one on nearby Wolfe Island. Continue reading

Wolfe Island wind turbine project should serve as a warning

Kingston Whig Standard

schumer2-afterWith all the letters and editorials this summer in the Watertown Daily Times regarding the Wolfe Island wind project, (at least two or three a week), it’s surprising that there has been so little about this subject in the Whig-Standard. Do the people of Kingston and area enjoy the new scenery with the flashing red lights, or do they care? Maybe those who care have just given up on the process. “They’re going to put them up anyway” has become the attitude.

One of the most beautiful areas of the North American continent has become the target for wind turbine projects put up by giant international corporations that, if they have their way, plan to fill the entire Great Lakes basin with these industrial parks. Continue reading

This is our island too. Where’s our invitation?


Silent Protest on Wolfe Island

By Paul Schliesmann   The Whig Standard

Canadian Hydro Developers and hundreds of invited guests celebrated the official opening of the company’s 86-turbine wind farm on Wolfe Island yesterday.

The emphasis was on “invited.”

A long line of cars was backed up along the highway leading to the company headquarters as Ontario Provincial Police officers meticulously checked names off a list. Continue reading

George Smitherman Deathly Afraid of More Protests Today

Deathly Afraid of Wind Protest

Afraid of Wind Protests

Back in April of this year at the Grand Opening of the Enbridge Wind Farm in Kincardine, George Smitherman was met with a large group of very angry protestors.

Seems this time, he’s not taking any chances.   A little birdie told us that today at 11 am (Thurs Sept 10), he will be doing a carefully staged photo-op and press conference for the grand opening of the environmental fiasco called the Wolfe Island Wind Project.

Attendance is by invitation only and only if he responds.  Attendance is accessible only to the private club of proponent, company and government.  Even the press require special clearance.  The residents of Wolfe Island who must live under the shadow of these turbines are NOT invited.

Mr. Smitherman, how can you justify your policies when you must so carefully manipulate a simple Grand Opening?  

Hush, hush now.   We wouldn’t want any of the “public” to show up!

Jim Vanden Hoek and the Wind Indu$try

“How are we going to bury this [$900 restaurant tab]?” Vanden Hoek asked the hapless official.  To the mayor’s great relief, the OPG executive reached for the bill.

“Let me take care of that,” said the OPG suit. “I’ll just add it to your public debt.”      (Laughter all around)

Telling Stories

Continue reading

Name Your Price, Mayor Vanden Hoek

JVandenHoek_2007 Apparently, the Mayor of Wolfe Island, Jim VandenHoek ordered the “86 Hands” Art display quickly removed.   This was done unceremoniously, under the cloak of darkness in the middle of the night.   The stakes that held the hands were sloppily chopped off and left jutting out of the ground.   Even the rock with “86” marked on it was taken away. Continue reading

Mysterious Sculptures Appear – Protest of the Destruction on Wolfe Island

Update July 18th:   The installation has been removed.  The wooden dowels on which the hands were mounted have been cut and are sticking out of the ground.  The hands and the stone with ‘86’ have been removed from the site.

86 Hands - 86 Turbines


Creative Form of Protest

As posted earlier on this site, the Canadian Hydro Developer’s Wolfe Island project has reduced this beautiful tourism gem to an industrial wasteland.   Sensitive provincially-significant wetlands have been destroyed and the tourism industry has died.

Recently, Wolfe Island residents woke up to a strange site.  86 plaster hands (representing the 86 wind turbines) poking up from the ground, each holding a rock.  Read more on this story here:  Guerilla Sculpture

Update on the Destruction of Wolfe Island

Queen’s University Wolfe Island Health Study

Wolfe Island Ferry Dock

Wolfe Island Ferry Dock

Sarah Boesveld – Globe and Mail

By now, the residents of Wolfe Island, Ont., are getting used to the whirr and thump of wind turbines overhead. By next year, they’ll get a glimpse of whether those whirrs and thumps could be damaging their health.

Researchers at nearby Queen’s University have embarked on the first study to probe whether wind turbines built over communities can cause adverse health effects. The study measures residents’ health and well-being before the turbines arrived on the island, again when the turbines were built but not yet operational and again after they’d been operating for a few months. Continue reading

Call for Gerretsen’s Resignation

The following ad appeared in the Kingston Whig Standard July 4th, 2009:

Which Community Will Be Next, Courtesy of John Gerretsen?

Protect AIMarysville, Wolfe Island Photo courtesy Brian Little

Ontarians are suffering serious health problems because industrial wind turbines are placed too close to homes.

You are responsible for this disgraceful state of affairs as Minister of the Environment.  How could this have happened Mr. Gerretsen? Continue reading

I’m worried about the health of my island neighbours

Kingston Whig Standard

Amidst accolades surrounding the completion of the Wolfe Island wind turbines, a friend and I just took our first trip of the season to my small property on Simcoe Island. Continue reading

Devastation to Provincially Significant Wetlands on Wolfe Island

These are examples of the construction phase on Wolfe Island taken in March 2009.  Construction led to significant flooding of agricultural and wet lands, as well as roads.  Culverts, crushed by the heavy loads, were replaced and old culverts left to rust by side of the road. windconcern1
Note the photographs illustrating the expansion of the road in the Provincially Significant Wetland (fishing habitat, VTE species, nesting, foraging and migrating avian species). This is the most environmentally sensitive area of the project, the western section. Continue reading

Wolfe Island: From beautiful place to an industrial wasteland

I am a resident of Cape Vincent, New York. Over the past decade, I have made numerous and regular visits to Canada. I have been a season ticket holder to the Thousand Islands Playhouse, have attended Kingston Symphony and other cultural events, have given contributions to Canadian charities, and have shopped, dined, toured and shared in the joy of all things Canadian. Continue reading

More on the Destruction of Wolfe Island

Also see:   Update on the Destruction of Wolfe Island

IMG_2063 IMG_2078


  Wolfe Island


Wolfe Island Ferry Dock

A power struggle

“They’re running roughshod over local opposition,” he said. “I don’t like how the government is shoving this down our throat … Democracy is becoming a casualty in Ontario’s electricity development. Green energy is important but so is democracy. One shouldn’t trump the other.” – Green party leader Frank de Jong

Brian and Janice Scovill’s comfortable two-storey home sits in the heart of the farmland where one of Canada’s largest wind-power plants is under construction. Continue reading